BCT provides mission operations support from our “Mission Ops Center” that receives data through our multiple ground station partners. We provide this data directly to our program customers via our Mission Center.


  • Provides scripts, C&T, and tools used throughout system test & operations
  • Supports multiple missions and constellations
  • Supports multiple ground stations and radios
  • Automated and accessible


  • Quickly and easily schedule tasks
  • Autonomously schedule repeating tasks
  • Autonomous constraint and resource de-confliction

Automated Execution

  • Task execution without the need of a full time operations team
  • Automated notification of warnings and errors

Monitoring and Visualization

  • Access to telemetry anytime, anywhere, and from any device
  • Automated analysis and quick access to s/c attitude, position, and health

Customer Delivery

  • Customizable packages of payload and telemetry data for delivery to customers

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