FLIGHT PROVEN Spacecraft Systems, Buses and Solutions

Spacecraft Buses

The BCT XB1 Nanosat platform provides a high-performance, reliable, and low-cost spacecraft solution

Mission Operations

BCT Total Mission Solutions includes the new BCT Missions Operations Center

Integration & Test

BCT provides system integration, environmental testing, and launch vehicle integration services

Attitude Control Systems

The BCT XACT Attitude Determination & Control System Technology achieves the highest pointing accuracy

Reaction Wheels

Flexible interface options include direct analog torque command as well as a digital command

Star Trackers

The Blue Canyon Technologies Nano Star Tracker is a reliable, high performance design, compatible

Total Integrated
Mission Solutions

Blue Canyon Technologies specializes in space system and component design and development. BCT employees have experience spanning design, manufacturing, test and operations of more than 20 high-performance space systems currently in operation and providing years of reliable service on orbit.

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