Blue Canyon Technologies provides high-performance power system solutions for CubeSats, Nanosats and Microsatellites. BCT offers all elements of an electrical power system including: solar arrays, batteries, power distribution and charge control electronics. Systems can be stand-alone or a peripheral to the XB1 controller board.


BCT solar array configurations range from simple body mounted panels to multi-wing deployed arrays with the option to gimbal up to two axes. BCT’s standard off-the-shelf arrays include 29.5% efficient cells and carbon fiber substrates with custom options available.


Functionality is included for solar array input power, on-board or external battery, charge control (Peak Power or Direct Energy), power regulation and distribution, and data acquisition. Additional features include: charge and distribution fault protection, modular architecture for storage and generation capability, and heater controllers for spacecraft use.


BCT supports Li-Ion or LiFePo4 battery chemistries. Standard BCT battery voltages range from 12VDC to 48VDC with available custom options. Standard protection features include: under temperature (hardware set), cell balancing, under voltage and over voltage.

Features Include

  • Solar Arrays – 29.5% efficient, carbon fiber substrate, multiple deployment configurations, array articulation
  • Release Mechanism – BCT-built resettable release mechanism – up to 4 deployments with one actuation
  • Power Control – peak power tracking or direct energy transfer, modular distribution, fault protection
  • Batteries – Li-Ion or LiFePo4 chemistries, custom packaging available


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